Rodent Control Covina

Having mice and rats in your house can quickly cause you to question your cleanliness and many other factors associated with rodents. You also have the risk of damage to your property caused by the rats or mice. They chew through anything between them and food and will chew a variety of items to build a nest for the family. This is why we always urge our customers to call us at (626) 722-5214 right away at the very first sign of rats or mice being present in your home.

Habits of Rats and Mice

We, as people, don’t commonly notice rodents in our home right away because they can hide in places that often go unseen by our naked eye. Such places might include:

  • Around pipes (plumbing)
  • Ground-level vent (crawl-space)
  • Attic
  • Under the dryer
  • Under vents
  • Small gap/hole on home exterior

Because they can squeeze through small spaces it doesn’t take much to give a rodent access to your home unknowingly. This is why we stress the importance of inspecting your own home to look for entry points. This often includes the roof.

rodent control covina
If you’re seeing mice or rats it’s time to call in the experts!

Preventing Rats and Mice in Covina

Preventing rodents from having a reason to stay in your home will help in the extermination process. The best way to help is by eliminating any food sources they may have crossed. Keep food in sealed air-tight containers and store pet food during the night if typically left out and available at all times.

In addition to proper food storage, you must also seal any entry points. As mentioned above you need to check for areas they can gain access to and seal it off to prevent them from getting back in.

Rats and mice can carry disease and the last thing you want is to have that eery fact on your mind. Not sure exactly what kind of pest you are hearing? Give us a call at (626) 722-5214 anyway. Our Covina rodent control exterminators can help you identify and execute the pests causing trouble. Once we identify the pest and inspect the area we can make a plan of action for treatment unique to your pest issue.