Bed Bug Control Covina

At Pest Busters Pest Management we make it our mission to provide nothing but the best of pest control services for the Covina area. This includes the times we encounter difficult and troublesome pests such as bed bugs. Notoriously known for wreaking havoc on many Covina residents, these little pests can be tedious to remove but we’re here to help make it as painless as possible.

bed bugs control covina
Bed bugs can be an expensive pest problem; call to learn how we can help!

Bed Bug Appearance

For those unfamiliar with bed bugs, they are small (size of an apple seed) oval bugs brown-reddish in color with flat bodies. They get their name because they are often discovered in beds but they can infest other areas and furniture of your home.

Bed Bug Habits

These small pests will typically hide during the daylight hours and come out at night when you’re sleeping so that they can feed on you. You might have woke up and noticed many bites but never recall the feeling of being bitten while you were sleeping. This is because they use a special part of their mouth to inject their saliva into your skin before proceeding to suck your blood. Their saliva contains an ingredient that numbs the skin which is the reason you don’t often feel them bite. The bite is similar to that of a pin prick.

Bed Bug Hiding Locations

As mentioned earlier, these particular pests can be found in other areas than just your bed. The seams of your mattress, headboard and footboard, cracks and crevices around bed and frame, behind electrical wall outlets, in chairs and sofas and around plumbing areas.

Bed Bug Travel

Bed bugs are often acquired from someone who brought them into your home or a place you visited and brought them home unknowingly. The reason behind this spike in Covina bed bugs is unknown but we believe the increase in travel and purchasing of used/second-hand furniture has played a crucial role. Always be aware of this when buying used items or furniture and when visiting hotels while traveling. Any place that is commonly crowded with people or frequented by people on a regular basis are more likely to have an infestation.

If you feel you might have these pests in your home just call Pest Busters Pest Management. We can treat all your pest problems and provide the pest treatments you actually need! If you’d like the best bed bugs treatment plan in Covina, then you should call Pest Busters Pest Management at (626) 722-5214 today!