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Beetle Solutions

How These 5 Issues Can Change The Way You See Beetle Extermination Service

You must call a professional whenever you see beetles inside your house. The expert will take a look at your home and offer you a solution if there's a pest infestation.

You may be tempted to treat the beetle by yourself. Although it seems more affordable to deal with it yourself, you should also consider the probability of controlling these pests. Above all, it will be more useful to allow the experts solve your problem safely. When the expert helps you out, they are going to aim at eliminating the pest and controlling future attacks.

Beetle Identification

Effective beetle pest control will happen when you may identify the beetle if you notice one.

The following are some essential information on how you can recognize a beetle:

Body Parts:

The head, thorax, and abdomen are three primary parts of the beetle's body. If you notice an insect with less quantity of body parts, then it's not a beetle.

Check the quantity of legs on the insect. There should be six legs.


To be able to protect itself against any predators, the beetle has a difficult exoskeleton. When figuring out beetles, a specialist would also hunt for its exoskeleton. Each species has a various kind of the outer skeleton, and the skilled worker will tell what species are in your home.


Various species of the beetle have various colors on their exoskeleton. There are vibrant colored beetles, and some others are a little dull. The exoskeletons reflect light at various wavelengths. Using this characteristic, the exterminator will then be able to identify properly the type of beetle present in your property.


You might also find unique patterns on the exoskeleton of beetles. Identifying the species are also easier for professionals because of these distinctive patterns.

Figuring out Beetle Infestation

Beetles can inhabit anywhere except the ocean and water poles. Not all beetles can fly. It's because a few of these species are not capable of lifting their front wings out of the way.

Beetles feast upon a number of kinds of food source. They might feast upon your clothes, whether clean or not; they might also creep on your stored food, chew on them, and cause contamination.

If you see these insects creeping in your kitchen and crowding in your closets, call on a nearby beetle removal company to prevent their further pest invasion.

If you find small holes in the packages of your stored food, you must already be alarmed that beetles may have polluted it. In case you have any damaged wooden structure within the house, you must also check if there are earths or dens that beetles may possibly live in. These insects could access your food storage by acquiring through these burrows and even cause greater harm ultimately.

Call the pest control right away when you see some of these signs, such as when there are already damages in your clothes due to the pest infestation of these insects.

You will observe that if one smashed beetle, it leaves a black or brown smear. This is not to teach you how you can smash these pests. Even so, you're encouraged to confirm what happens when these pests are smashed to be able to determine if it's really a beetle or a different type of species.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles, from the name itself, are ones that typically feed on the carpet in your home.

These pests would generally creep into locations where food source is nearby. The common areas where you can find these pests crawling are on the floor and walls.

The carpet beetle feeds on animal products like silk, wool, hair, fur, and feather. Their feeding behavior make them invade a house and feast upon the cushions, clothes, pillows, blankets, and furniture produced from the feather.

Luckily, just in case you have items that are only made of synthetic fabric, then you perhaps wouldn't have a pest invasion problem because beetles are not attracted to these materials. However, if it has sweating or oils, it is going to feast upon the soiling and access the material as well.

When the beetle develops into a grownup, it feeds on the nectar and pollen in the crops outside your home.

The larvae stage of the beetle eats seeds, animal feeds and other foods in your kitchen. An adult beetle, even so, is able to surviving both in an interior and outdoor environment. For female beetles, the best place to invade and procreate is where there's plenty of food for its eggs.

Dark hidden areas are nevertheless the most conducive locations for both the larvae and adult beetles. It, therefore, makes it difficult to figure out it and apply beetle treatments. A specialist will figure out the beetle and eradicate it swiftly as they have the right tools and skills.

Eliminating Carpet Beetles

A blended effort from the homeowner and the pest control expert is instructed to have a better outcome in eliminating beetles. If you see the carpet beetle in your home, you can do a few things to get rid of them.

The best way is by removing their meal source. You can do this by keeping the locations clean where they typically creep in. Look into the locations where you store foods. If you find holes in food packages, throw away those foods and clean up the storage. Do not spray the food area since that could bring about more damage than what the beetle would do.

If you think that the beetles have not contaminated the food, you may opt to put them in a new container and seal them tightly. It will be extremely hard for the beetle to get into such foods.

Keep all areas of your food storage clean always. Make certain that there could be no more remnants of food and grease, which beetles can smell really easily.

Look at your closets and other locations where you put your clothes, such as hampers. As mentioned previously, beetles are similarly drawn to woolen clothes and blankets. If you find beetles crawling in your clothes and blankets, wash them right away with water. Use only regular detergents with a little quantity of disinfectant. A professional beetle exterminator will never suggest for you to make use of pesticides on your clothing.

Wipe the floors and vacuum the room plus the cabinets completely. It's going to help get rid of the pests.

Detailed Reports

The scope of beetle extermination could include different stages. Each stage may involve different strategies. In this case, you could ask the expert to give you with a detailed report of their extermination timeline.

After each stage, don't forget to ask the expert to give you a written report. The write up will include the activities that have taken place in the beetle control program. You might also find here a detailed report of the merchandise they've got used in the program. This report is necessary for farms in particular to help you have a written history of what activities and treatments the professionals have used to treat pest infestation. So don't forget to ask the experts for a detailed report to have this type of information each time you carry out such activities.

The details included in the report also will also help you in determining any imperfection to their procedures like gaps between the agreed terms and the actual activities being performed by the exterminators you employed. This is why it's critical to ask the specialists for this report to be able to get a detailed summary of their activities.

Aside from the activities, the report may also include a record of the charges involve in the service. It'll show what you pay money for and how much you give out. The records might help in keeping your books of accounts. In case you have any disputes in the future regarding payments, you could always refer to the written reports.

Beetles are a nuisance, and it's hectic when you find them in your home. Begin with general cleaning when you see the pests in your living space.

Look into the possible locations where pests may begin crowding. It could be in the carpets, dress cabinets, or in the kitchen.

Once you get rid of the clothes from the wardrobes, wipe all the shelves with a house cleaner and dry the area clean.

Make sure to clean the gaps as well to take out any pests that may be camouflaging in those areas.

It's also critical to safeguard your garden or farm if you find any traces of pest invasion in these areas. To prevent loss of crops, call the expert.

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